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Sept 12th, 2020

Anatomy Up Close

When was the last time you got up close and personal with anatomy?

If you’re like most manual practitioners then haven’t been in a wet-lat since you graduated – 75% of the ones surveyed by Bower Bird CPD. Get back into the cadaver lab, get inspired and get reacquainted with the anatomical structures you examine and treat every day.

Anatomy Up Close allows you to explore all your favourite parts of the human body with experienced, knowledgeable and engaging anatomists in the cadaver lab. Then transfer and apply your refreshed anatomical perspectives into a clinical setting with case-studies, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation protocols for common presentations of the area you’ve been examining.

Anatomy Up Close offers a rotating program of anatomical areas based on the requests of practitioners, including;
• The Pelvis
• The Shoulder Complex
• The Hip
• The Neck
• Nerves of the Lower and Upper Limbs
• Lower Back

Visit the course pages of the individual events to find out more about relevant the topics and presenters.

Course Details

The Anatomy Up Close wet labs are open to Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors. They include practical examination, treatment and rehabilitation approaches that you will be able to use with confidence in your practice.

Anonymous Feedback for Anatomy Up Close

Very happy about being able to get hands on with them instead of pictures on a slide. Learnt heaps, great instruction, really practical, useful knowledge. Super happy.

You are fantastic for putting on relevant, entertaining, and useful courses!
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