Myofascial Release - Part 1

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Jun 2oth, 2020


Jun 2oth, 2020


Jun 2oth, 2020

Myofascial Release - Part 1

Need some new tricks in your manual therapy bag?

Fascia is one of the most critical, misunderstood and fascinating anatomical structures. Fascial restrictions can limit good muscle function, maintain poor posture and affect the function of the peripheral nervous system.
Fascia requires manual techniques that vary from muscular treatments and are often the missing link for;
• persistent pain after a fall or injury
• recurrent acute back pain
• post-surgical pain, including scars
• contusion injuries

Elizabeth Howard has more than 15 years’ experience as an osteopathic and pain educator at multiple Australian universities and as a CPD provider. In Part 1 of her Myofascial Release series Liz will briefly update the latest functional anatomy and teach you to confidently examine and treat myofascial contributors to pain using the Anterior Bowstring model.

This course has a strong practical focus including treatment protocols (including patient education and self-management tools) that you can use immediately in your practice to improve patient outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

• Review of the functional anatomy and amazing properties of fascia
• Overview of the Anterior Bowstring model
• Recognise fascial dysfunction in the case history
• Integrate a quick fascial assessment into your postural screen
• Identify key symptoms and signs of myofascial restrictions and contributors to pain
• Anterior fascial chain treatment protocol
• When to use direct or indirect myofascial techniques
• Patient education and self-management protocols including simple global exercises

Future Learning

After completing this course attendees will have the opportunity to attend Myofascial Release: Part 2 which will look at the deeper chains in more detail, including visceral supportive structures and more indirect myofascial techniques.

About the Presenter

Elizabeth Howard has over 20 years of experience as an Osteopath and has worked at the Women’s Health & Research Institute of Australia for over 5 years. Her main focus is the holistic management of complex pelvic pain with the interdisciplinary team, working closely with Professor Thierry Vancaillie (Gynaecologist and Pain Medicine Specialist).

Her teaching experience ranges from lectures and technique in Undergraduate and Master’s Osteopathic programs (University of Western Sydney, Southern Cross University), clinical supervision of Osteopathic students (UWS, SCU, SportsMed Mumbai), Osteopathy Australia National Conference presentation, Pelvic Floor Seminars, GP education evenings and Allied Health events.

See Elizabeth Howard's full bio and details about her other cpd courses here.

Testamonials for this Course 

Liked the commitment of the speaker and enthusiasm in teaching. Valuable information and concision of research. Lots of hands on and practice time.
Claude Vergez – Osteopath

Liz is super knowledgeable! I loved all her different analogies & metaphors to help make learning easier and funner. Both Liz & Virginia have great energy and understanding of how to run a fun course and keep everyone super engaged.

The written notes are excellent. The information and presentation were engaging and accessible. The presenter was really enthusiastic and explained techniques well. The barista fresh coffee was a nice touch. As was the Lindt chocolate and muesli bars.
Felicity Marguin – Osteopath

Smaller numbers with good student/tutor ratio.
Great information with strong practical bias.
Straightforward explanation easy to follow.
Fantastic printed notes. 
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and prior hard work in exercise development etc.

Small group number - made it flow nicely, I felt like when I needed to ask a question or get some guidance Liz or Virginia were right there.
Content was great - easy to apply straight away when back at work

Small intimate group: focus on technique; 1 day length is perfect.
John Gledhill – Osteopath

Very hands on practical. Easy to incorporate into everyday practice.

The pace of the course was great and it was a really good mixture between factual information and hands on work.
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