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Easing Vulval Pain - Sydney

In this FREE presentation Prof Thierry Vancaillie from the Women’s Health & Research Institute of Australia (WHRIA) will discuss the common causes and treatments of Vulval Pain.

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the Pelvic Pain Puzzle - Sydney

Pelvic pain is a common, yet challenging area of practice. Learn to diagnose and treat common presentations including pain with sitting, walking and sex, bladder and bowel symptoms, musculo-skeletal pain such as pelvic girdle pain, and visceral pain such as dysmenorrhea and endometriosis.

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Pain & Pregnancy - Melbourne

Pregnancy can be extremely challenging for a mother’s body. Learn to more effectively help women prepare for labour, during their pregnancy and to recover efficiently from delivery or caesarean section.

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Anatomy Up Close: the Shoulder Complex - Gold Coast

Reacquaint yourself up-close and personal with the anatomy of the shoulder girdle by examining upper-limb cadaver specimens then transfer and apply the anatomical perspectives from the cadaver lab into a clinical setting with diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of common shoulder presentations.

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BPPV: Diagnosis & Treatment - Melbourne

'Dizziness' is a very common complaint encountered by health practitioners that will only become more prevalent given the aging population. By understanding the 6 variations of Benign Paroxysmal Positioning Vertigo (BPPV) diagnosis and treatment is very effective and immediate.

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