Dr Rhonda Anderson

Exercise Physiologist

Dr Rhonda Anderson, Ph.D., is an exercise physiologist who specialises in healthy ageing for women through her business Fit and Well. She is a former Australian marathon representative and sports journalist, and has designed and run state-wide health campaigns and developed government policy and programs aimed at supporting girls and women in being more physically […]

Dr Dan Bates

Sports and Exercise Physician

Dr Dan Bates is a Sports and Exercise Physician and Director of Metro Pain Group working in the area of chronic musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain. He has active research in non-medication based treatments of chronic pain including neuromodulation, stem cells and radiofrequency ablation. He is also interested in exercise as medicine and the future potential role of […]

Jodie Dunne


Jodie is a sexuality educator, Co-Founder of Endometriosis Australia and is currently a volunteer with QENDO - The Endometriosis Association (Qld) Inc, The Lupus Foundation (Australia) and local Breast Cancer Survivor groups. Jodie has a Bachelor of Health Science and post graduate qualifications in Psychology as well as Sexology. She is also the director of […]

Dr Anna Gollan

Clinical Psychologist

Anna works with clients suffering from anxiety, worry, stress and depression. She offers long-term and short-term therapy with the goal of growing self-understanding and widened perspective to help you to live better. Anna believes that it is important that people are made aware that they can make changes that will enable them to manage long-term […]

Dr Bruce Mitchell

Sports and Interventional Pain Physician

Dr Bruce Mitchell is a Sports and Interventional Pain Physician and a Director of Metro Pain Group. He has an extensive sports medicine background, previously working as an AFL club doctor and was the former National President of Sports Medicine Australia. He is a Fellow of theAmerican College of Sports Medicine, and has completed a Masters of […]

Esme Soan

Excercise Physiologist

Esme has a passion for working with women through pregnancy and beyond, understanding the importance of exercise on the musculoskeletal & metabolic system. She is passionate about working with women, and is interested in pelvic floor dysfunction, chronic back and pelvic pain, diabetes management and cancer rehabilitation. Esme will be speaking about using exercise as […]

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