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Myofascial Release Online contains a combination of live lecture videos, practical tutorial videos, presentations, case-studies and other reference materials. Registration will allow you access to these materials for 12 months.

Content is grouped into Sections each containing various Topics. The Introduction, Clinical Anatomy and Patient Management sections contain the lecture portion of the course. Practical, case-studies and other content are in the later sections.

You may skip around and watch the videos (and other content) in any order but it is recommended that you view them in the order listed, beginning with the Introduction to Myofascial Release - the next topic.

Select 'Mark Complete ✔️' (shown below) when you have finished each Topic. When all Topics in a Section are marked complete, the Section will automatically be marked complete. All Topics/Sections must be finished before your completion certificate can be issued.

Most Topics have a Questions & Comments form which goes to the presenter (these are only visable when logged in). Use this for any follow up questions you have, or for any general feedback about the course content.


Presentation slides are available at the begining of the Clinical Anatomy section. It covers most of the theory sections of this course. They are password protected for download and viewing. The file cannot be edited or printed.


There are more than 40 individual videos in this course (with more being added and updated regularly). Many of the technique videos are quite short and are designed to be watched more than once. This extra time has been factored in to the awarded learning hours of this course.

On completion your certificate will read 8 Learning Hours Completed but you may be eligible to declare more towards your CPD if you have spent more time learning - For example reading the linked journal articles or other publications.

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